02 August 2008

something's missing

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Do you see it?
I'll give you a hint:
it's tiny and white.
Yep! Addi lost her first tooth last night. Her bottom, center teeth have been loose for a few weeks. Yesterday afternoon I could tell it was about to come out from simply watching it when she talked, so I wiggled it and told her we could pull it if she wanted. She panicked a little and told me she wanted her Daddy to pull it. He was in Phoenix. I told her we'd at least wait until today so he could see her one last time with all her teeth, but it came out when we were brushing her teeth last night. She was thrilled when Bryan made it home a little after her bedtime and couldn't wait to show him the tooth under her pillow.
(The first thing Libby said when he walked into her room was, "Addi loosed her tooth and when I get bigger, I will loosed my teeth too!")
The tooth fairy brought her a shiny Silver Dollar. She woke me up way too early holding that thing about an inch from my nose!
So, it's just another sign that my baby ain't no baby anymore. Not that I'm really allowing myself to think about that!