02 September 2008


We made it through the first week of school. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Addi almost cried when I told her there wouldn't be school the coming Monday because it was a holiday.

Last night I did cry thinking about starting the week again. I just miss her so much. Bryan laughed at me. In a totally supportive sort of way.

Tonight I went to Libby's preschool orientation, so I felt like I didn't spend any time with Addi at all today. I snuck in her room after Bryan put her to bed and we snuggled. I told her I'd missed her today and she said she'd missed me too.

Then she added with a smile, "I don't think about you hardly at all at school, Mommy."

Odd, but it really was comforting for me to hear that. I know if she fought me about going to school or seemed sad to go, I would pull her out and start homeschooling in a heart beat. The biggest problem with that is I think she really thrives on the social interaction she gets at school and for my "shy" one, that's important.

So, we're all adjusting and I think (this still seems impossible to me) I'll end up really liking this school thing. Or, at least liking what Addison gets out of it.