30 September 2008

Friends are friends forever

After we registered Reagan to begin preschool this fall, she couldn't stop talking about getting to eat lunch with her friends. Lunch would be, in her most social mindset, the apex of her preschool days.

She went to preschool today, lunch box in hand, and I went home. Around 12:30, I realized all we had to eat in the house was "lunch box" food. Off to Sonic I went. Levi slept in his carseat while I read and ate until it was time to pick up Miss Reagan.

Back at home, she noticed the Sonic trash as we were unloading and questioned it. I told her that since I didn't get to eat lunch with my friends, I ate at Sonic. On her face, a grin spread from ear to ear. The kind that appears when the person fully expects you to burst out with "Just Kidding!" But, I didn't do that, so she countered my argument with, "Noooo, you don't have any friends!"