11 September 2008

just like Addi

My little Reagan is at preschool right now. She is playing and learning and resting and eating lunch with her new friends. All things she was so excited about!

Before we moved here, I prayed for us to find a preschool for Addi. She was used to attending preschool and thrived on the routine. I put her on, what seemed like, a million waiting lists, but only one ever called us. It was honestly the one I wanted her to get into most.

It's about 10 minutes from our house, but there is no carpool, so I leave about 25 minutes early since I get the stroller out for Levi. That's a bit of a pain. They have a nut-free policy and my girls just about live on pb&honey sandwiches. That's also a bit of a pain.

But, this preschool is centered on God and His word. All the teachers truly love their students. Even though it's pretty big, the other parents are very friendly and welcoming. It has exceeded my ideas of a "perfect" preschool.

So, deciding where Libby would attend preschool was easy.

Deciding when was little more difficult for me. She's a young 3 and not as eager to please as her older sister. She doesn't care if Momma wants her to count to 30. In fact, if I ever do get her to count, she gets annoyed with me when I try and tell her that 20, not 21, comes after 19. She gets annoyed and ignores me, continuing with 22, 23, 24... like I never opened my mouth.

In the end, we decided she would be fine and would probably drive me crazy if I didn't let her go. She wants to do everything like Addi. Every morning last year as we walked her sister in, Libby would carry Addi's lunch box and talk about going to "presool and eating luns wit my frens".

I hope it's everything she ever dreamed it would be!