23 September 2008

Howdy, Y'all!

Addison's self-photo

For Career Day at school, Addi decided she would like to be a cowgirl when she grows up. Guess we need to sign her up for riding lessons!
Just another pose because she'd also like to be a fashion model/designer when she grows up. Maybe she can design Western Wear?! Obviously, she can already model it :)
My middle child needing her picture taken as well, lest big sister get all the attention.

Just another pose because she thinks she'd like to be her big sister when she grows up.

Kindergarten humor: "Mommy, look at this picture I took!" - proceed to fall on the floor laughing

(Be glad I spared you the funny pictures she was taking last night as her sister who too often "gets hot" was running around in her, ehem, birthday suit. Your imaginations will work instead!)