09 September 2008

It's good to be 1st

Levi had his 6-month well visit yesterday. He weighed in at 13 pounds, 5 ounces, which keeps him in the 1st percentile. If he were a girl we'd say he was petite. Instead, I lovingly describe him as scrawny!

Interestingly the girls both weighed 13 pounds and some ounces at their 6-month visits. Then both weighed 18+ pounds at a year, which is exactly where Levi is heading, according to those darn charts. But, I try not to pay much attention to those charts.

We'll see if he continues in the familial growth patterns from year 1 to 2. His sisters both really "chubbed" up then.

I told Dr. S my dream of having a roly-poly baby was over. He told me I needed to have more babies! I think I could have 12 babies and each of them would grow the same way these 3 have. Besides I think my baby-carrying days are over. (Bryan just breathed a huge sigh of relief...for more reasons than one!)

To celebrate Levi being Levi, I've listed The Top 5 Reasons Being a Small Baby Rocks!

5. It saves money. Slower growth rate means wearing each size of clothes for at least 6 months!

4. It saves money. Smaller baby = smaller diapers = more diapers per pack!

3. It saves money. No chiropratic bills after lugging a 20 pound 3 month old around in a carseat!

2. Everyone thinks the baby is so smart, since they assume he's a couple months younger than he really is!

And the number 1 reason Being a Small Baby Rocks:

Everyone thinks Mommy is doing such a good job at losing baby weight since they assume you've had a couple months less than you've actually had to lose it!

A reason Being a Small Baby Does Not Rock?

Climbing out of a Bumbo seat is a piece of cake!