04 September 2008

Ever tried octopus?

No, this isn't me eating octopus, Silly. This is me hiding behind a bear.

Mom thought it'd be cute to take pictures of me in my crib sitting next to a bear because today I'm 6 months old. The significance of taking them in my crib is I've only spent a couple of nights in there. Mom and Dad, mostly Dad, decided I should move upstairs to my room a few nights ago. Mommy says she really misses me, but I miss her more. So much more that I have been waking up 4 or 5 times each night just to see her. Plus, I think I can wear her down. It's only a matter of time before she can't stand walking up and down the stairs 10 times a night. I'll be back sleeping a few feet away from my favorite people again if I have my way!

I wasn't cooperating with the posing. I can almost sit. The balance thing is what's holding me up. And the I-could-care-less-about-sitting thing.

And then there's my feet. When I'm put in a sitting position I spy my feet so easily and just can't resist those yummy toes. Next thing I know my forehead's planted in the carpet, but my big toe's just where I like it: my mouth! Mom says I'm a goof, but...

look! I can be serious. Usually I am smiling though.

Or moving too fast for the camera!

Here's the octopus I mentioned. If you get the right leg, it's delicious!

Nope, not it.

This'll do. It makes my gums feel good to gnaw on this hard plastic. I think I'm working on a tooth, even though no one can see or feel any coming through.

Sweet Levi,
I've held you in my arms every day for half a year. How I cherish holding you. You've gone from a sleepy, snuggly, completely dependent newborn to a happy, active, more independent baby.
I loved you before I even knew if you were my daughter or my son. I felt as if I'd always wanted a son, but never knew it, as soon as I heard you were a boy.
You are my youngest child, my son, my Levi and I love you for who you are and who you'll be. I pray that you grow to love Jesus with all your heart and always know your Mommy and Daddy are your biggest fans.

Love you always,