04 August 2009

snippets of a seventeen month old

17 months, already?! How did that happen?? My baby boy is growing up too fast. Let's see if I can get in 17 10 7(?) things about him before we have to leave for Addison's gymnastics class.

  1. Levi has finally decided to climb, on his belly with feet first, down the stairs. After a few tumbles all the way down, I am very relieved. This morning, Addi had a friend over and the 3 girls were up and down the stairs, up and down. Sweet Levi tried so hard to catch them. He'd make it about halfway and then have to start moving the opposite direction because they'd run past him.
  2. His words: hi, night-night, ball, bye, more, yes, no, MaMa, DaDa, hold,amen.
  3. His signs: more, please, thank you.
  4. Levi is at one of those frustrating stages. His communication is not up to par and he gets so upset with me for not knowing what he wants. We had a battle last night at supper and a smaller one this morning at breakfast. He's had it with signing for the time being and just wants to use Levish (his own jibberish combined with screaming) to communicate. I know it won't be long until I can decipher more/most of his speech. Until then, we'll be a frustrated duo.
  5. My little man can still sleep with the best of 'em. He has fought me all summer over giving up his morning nap. I haven't won yet. He slept for 2 hours this morning and has been asleep for over an hour so far this afternoon. He'll probably sleep at least another hour and then he'll get in about 12 hours tonight. Now, how to get the other 2 to do the same? :)
  6. Messes follow him. He wears me out. I'd like to say that's because I'm keeping up with cleaning after him. Unfortanately, I'm not. And I'm still worn out.
  7. When Levi decides to snuggle, there is nothing better. I usually get in good lovin' at bedtime each night. It's a great reward for the beating I take during supper. :)