18 August 2009

Happy Birthday to You!


Today is your 4th birthday, my sweet girl! I'm having a hard time believing you've been a part of our family for 4 years now, yet it's hard for me to remember a time without you.

You are one of the most unselfishness people I know. I have much to learn from you, Libby Lu! Even today, on your birthday, you have insisted on sharing with your brother and sister. As much as we've tried making this day all about you, you've wanted it to be just like any other day. The one exception has been your acceptance of being the only person to press the elevator buttons!

We will be in Galveston tomorrow because you chose to celebrate your birthday at the beach instead of having a party with your friends. I drove down to Houston with you and your siblings yesterday and we met Daddy for supper. He flew down earlier in the day for work. Later today, we're going to see some butterflies and then we'll meet Daddy for a birthday dinner and give you presents.

I love you, baby girl! Happy Birthday!