11 August 2009

Six Flags + August in TX = (hot)Fun, Fun, FUN!

Libby and I were waiting on Bryan and Addi to finish a ride that Libby was too short for. This was about the fourth ride we'd encountered in the first 30 minutes of our day that she was too short to ride. Clearly, she wasn't thrilled with the way her first visit to Six Flags was going.

But, she perked up when I gave her some water and promised her a snack.

And then she got plain goofy!

We all got to ride the bat cars. This was the beginning of what could've been the end for us. It was so hot, we were all miserable.

Thankfully, the girls found a little splash area after we got off this ride and then we were able to talk Bryan into the Roaring Rapids where we all got soaked.

Apparently, I forgot all about my camera after we visited Looney Tunes Land. Maybe the boredom I faced there killed too many brain cells? The girls had a good time though. Libby thought it was great, after being told time and time again she was too short, to be able to ride everything by herself!
Other favorites were the antique cars, the cave ride, the teacups, the boots, the big swings, the sombero, the conquistador, and Addi said she liked the shockwave just a tiny bit, but not enough to ride it for a second time with me.
It was a lot of fun, but not someplace I think we'll want to go over and over again. Once or twice a year is enough. The heat was the worst part, of course, and the best part was cheaper ticket prices in August - $25/person (like 1/2 of a normal price!). We only had to buy two tickets because Addi earned one through a school reading program and a teacher friend gave us hers. (thanks, Debbie!) The girls are already talking about what they'll get to ride when they're bigger next summer.