16 August 2009

the big, fun party that never happened and the pink guitar that made it all better

Reagan will be 4 on Tuesday. She's a little confused about that because her birthday party was supposed to be yesterday, only it didn't actually take place on account of this teensy-weensy, itty-bitty problem called vomit! That is the grown-up word for barf! (Wow, I've read a few too many Junie B. books here lately!) Seriously though, she woke up with a stomach bug.

She's understandably confused because she thought yesterday was the day she'd be celebrating her 4th birthday with her grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. She also thought she'd turn 4 at her 4th birthday party. The party didn't happen and when I tried to explain that her birthday wasn't actually until Tuesday, she just didn't get it. After being sick and missing her dance class and missing her party, I couldn't continue to disappoint her and quickly dropped the Not-4-Yet speech.

So, Miss Busy believes she's 4 and she announced this afternoon that she'd like to start having sleepovers with friends since she's 4 now. I gently reminded her that we'll probably be waiting another year to start sleepovers with friends. She also believes 4 year olds can magically play a guitar without any lessons. Or, at least, she believes she can.

Libby received a pink guitar from her Grammy and Grandpa. They dropped it off yesterday afternoon, along with food, drinks, cake, and balloons that were supposed to be for the party. We've eaten and been serenaded countless times the past two days all thanks to my parents! Thanks, Grammy and Grandpa!

I'd like to say I'll be back soon to my regularly scheduled blogging, but we're headed to the beach. And then Addi starts school. And then Libby starts preschool. But, after all that, I should be right back blogging away at least 3 times a week!