30 June 2009

Sally can't get seashells from the seashore when she's sick

We had big plans for this week.

Actually, our big plans included stuff we could do anytime, but we can't when we have other stuff scheduled, like we will for the next 3 weeks. So, we were planning on taking advantage of this "free" week to go to the pool and athletic center every day. And, sleep in, if I could talk my kids into it.

Yesterday, we all slept in. We slept so late, in fact, I missed the reservation time my kids had at the athletic center's kids' club. No problem. We'd just spend most of the day at the pool. Except then I heard the thunder and the storms lasted until naptime.

Today, we had a kids' club reservation at 8 am, but Levi didn't sleep well last night and Addi woke up really, really early with a fever. By 7 am, Libby was also awake complaining of ailments and by the time the nurse called me back to schedule the girls' appointments, Levi had woken up covered in yellowish-green snot.

We spent over an hour at the doctor's office and came away with 3 orders for prescriptions. One for strep throat, one for swimmer's ear, and one that's for the possiblity that the cold turns worse over the holiday weekend. Or, you know, in case Levi gets strep from putting his hands in Addi's mouth while I was talking to the doctor about Libby's ears. Either way, we should be covered.

And, I was just thinking to myself the other day how my kids never get sick!

The good news is I have a few unplanned days to clean and organize my house. The bad news is...the same as the good news. :)