23 June 2009


(Okay, so if you didn't get it from the title, this post contains Too Much Information for some readers. If you are squeamish about bathroom habits, you may want to stop reading right here!)

Addi was much older than Libby is now before we stopped wiping her after she went number 2, but Libby goes number 2 all day long! Seriously. The girl will go, at least, 4 times daily.

Today, after I'd begged her to hurry and eat for the thousandth time so she could get a nap in before Addi's gymnastics class, she announced she had to go to the bathroom. I began to clean up the lunch dishes and she hollered for me to come wipe her. I told her she'd have to wait because (and this is where I'll incriminate myself about my overly zealous hand-washing issues) I didn't want to have to wash my hands, go wipe her, wash my hands again, finish with the dishes, and wash my hands again.

We went back and forth a few times with her reminding me that she needed to be wiped and me reminding her that she needed to wait.

Finally, (and by finally I mean all of 56 seconds) she could take it no longer and issued a threat.

"Fine then. I'll just wipe myself!"

I think I just figured a way to get myself out of 3 of her 4 daily wipings. Now if I could just make Levi mad enough he'd take care of his own poopy diapers. :)