10 June 2009

Levi's Top 15

  1. Walking is his main source of mobility now. I love his high-stepping march that is surprisingly quick. The kid can get off the floor and across the room in the middle of a diaper change in only the time it takes me to reach out for one more wipe.
  2. His expressions bring me joy.

  3. Levi has finally reached/surpassed the weight and height limit for his infant car seat and we've moved him into Libby's old one. He tipped the scales at 23 pounds which means he gained 4.5 pounds in 3 months!

  4. He's too busy for snuggling and hugs and kisses now. Although every once in a while he'll come up behind me, lay his head on my back, pat with his hand and say, "Ahhhhh".

  5. If he's awake and not eating, he wants a ball, "BAAA" or a stick of some sort in his hands. He'll use a drumstick, bat, wand, or golf club. Anything he can wrap his fingers around and bang on the windows and furniture will do.

  6. He's my first to clean out the cabinets. At least three times a day, I find myself picking up cups and tupperware from different rooms in the house to return them to the kitchen. He does have "his" cabinet which he never opens. So much for that trick. :)

  7. He cannot go to sleep without his little white blanket. The few times it's been washing at naptime, he's just cried and cried until I've pulled it out of the washer and taken the sopping wet thing to him. He lays down and goes straight to sleep.

  8. Levi is finally getting another tooth. One has broken through and I think 3 more will any day. That will make 6...3 times what he had this weekend.

  9. He adores his sisters. Levi is sweet with Addi letting her pick him up and carry him like a baby and he's playful with Libby laughing at her games and clapping with her songs.

  10. Zoe is truly becoming his best friend. He longs to be outside with her and will stay out there throwing bouncing dropping her ball and playing in her water well after the girls poop out and beg to come inside. As for Zoe, she acts as if she's just as excited to fetch the balls Levi throws as the ones Bryan does. She shows her appreciation by bathing him with her tongue and it doesn't bother Levi one bit.

  11. His hair is getting thicker and lighter and his eyes are still a mystery. Some days they look blue-ish, some days they look gray, but I don't think they'll be brown like the rest of ours.

  12. Blackberries and bananas are his favorite foods. He'll eat any fruit, but especially loves those two along with strawberries and blueberries. (We've discovered that his bottom doesn't like the berries as much as his mouth does.) He does well eating veggies if they're soft enough for him to mash in his gums. The only thing I really have trouble getting him to eat is meat unless I puree it, but I'm kind of over doing that...it's time for him to learn to love meat just like every other Texan in this house. :)

  13. He's still an easy-going kid. Don't misunderstand me, Levi will throw a fit, but mostly he goes with the flow. Even his fits are not too terribly dramatic.

  14. Levi has started rolling cars and making a "vroom, vroom" sound. Where do boys learn this stuff??!

  15. I'm crazy about my Little Man. He's taken his place in my heart and that place will always remain his.