22 April 2008

Bryan Nowitzki??

Bryan has joined his office's basketball team.

(I can't help but think of The Office episode where the warehouse workers play the office workers. Of course, in my mind, you're more the Jim than the Stanley of your team, Babe! And not just 'cause you're white.)

Anyway, he has a game tonight, so I'm making boxed macaroni and cheese for the girls' supper. This is a special treat for them. I rarely make it at home, so they usually only eat it when we feel like paying $5 for a bowl at Chilis. All that to say, it is my way of making up for Daddy not being able to spend time with them tonight. Nothing like teaching them to drown their sorrows in food, right :)

When they saw the box out on the counter, Addi asked why I was making that macaroni and cheese for them. I told her that Daddy wouldn't be home for supper because he had a basketball game. She started to hang her head and then perked up to say, "That's okay. Maybe we'll be able to watch him on tv!"