03 April 2008

one of these i never like to do

i haven't had a chance to blog much. (i'm feeding the baby as i hunt and peck this keyboard right now!) so, you're gonna mostly get pictures today.
EASTER PICTURES (but i didn't get any of the kids in their clothes. i will though, near some pretty flowers, or something)

we've had our first "trampoline casualty" - ethan broke his leg a few days before easter while jumping, poor little guy

rise and shine, sleepyheads. it's time to hunt eggs on easter morning.
we had to wake the girls up pretty early so we could all be on our way to church by 7:30.

MY BIG BIRTHDAY SURPRISE - bryan arranged for a dear friend of mine from raleigh and her youngest daughter (who is absolutely adored by our whole family, but especially addi) to surprise us with a visit.

bryan took addi to the airport telling me he was taking her to breakfast for some "daddy-daughter" time. he didn't get a picture of her face when she saw salina. i know it was priceless!

i was a little out of it. bryan told me the present he'd ordered me was on the porch. when i walked out, addi and salina jumped out. i was so lost. i thought she'd met a new friend and the new friend looked so familiar. then diane walked out and i started to catch on.

salina "protecting" libby from zoe

LEVI'S NEW FRIEND, COURT - my friend ashley had her little boy a week ago. we were surprised how "grown-up" levi looked next to this new little guy.

i'll write a better post soon and maybe have more words than pictures in it!