05 April 2008

Favorite Things

Since we've been back in Texas, I often am reminded of something I love about this great state. I keep meaning to compile a list and then write a post about it. The problem is I never write down the thing I love and then I forget about it. So, now I've decided to just write a post anytime I think of something or have a few things on my mind. Because, let's face it, if I sat here until I remembered everything you'd never read this post!
Without further ado, a few things I love about Texas are:
-Wide open skies that allow you to see an entire sunset. Our God paints breathtaking sunsets!
-Spring in Texas, minus the allergy attacks. Have you ever seen a field covered in bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes? They're worth taking an afternoon drive with 3 whining, screaming kids in the back seats.
-The pride Texans have in their state. We start 'em young here - Addi's already learning Texas history in preschool. She's come home with art projects of Texas flags, armadillos, and cowboys and yesterday was Rodeo Day. Everyone dressed in their western wear to celebrate Texas. Even Libby got into the day with a cowgirl hat. (I've been corrected each time I refer to their hats as cowboy hats!) Here are the girls ready to rodeo.

If only you could see the tackiness of those boots. They light up and sparkle! Of course, my 5 year old little girl loves them!