22 July 2011


(more icky boy-stuff...or maybe this is kid-stuff, 'cause while this incident did not occur exactly the same way with the girls, similar ones did)

Set-up:  Since I have a ton of things to accomplish today, I decided I'd waste a little time rearranging my dining room. 

Levi walked in and I asked him if he liked the [table] lamp where I'd moved it. (Just like a boy, he looked up at the ceiling and said, "Oh, the kitchen lamp is in the dining room!  How'd you do it, Mom??!")  

I pointed to the lamp to explain and walked out of the room to start lunch.  A few seconds later, he comes running into the kitchen and very excitedly tells me, "I wiped TWO boogers on the wall!"

Sure enough, he showed me exactly where TWO dragon boogers sat smooshed on a wall in our entry-way.

So, I had to add, "Please, don't wipe your boogers on anything" to "Please, don't pee on anyone and only spit when you are outside away from people.  Oh, and, if you insist on pee-ing in the backyard, keep it to the grass and leave the trampoline and patio unmarked."