30 March 2010

day 98

I spent way too much time today prepping bribing begging coaxing Levi to perform for the video camera. After all that investment, I couldn't let the vidoes sit on my camera until later in the week, so I spent even more time uploading them to the computer and them embedding them into this post. I mean a really absurd amount of time. I should be embarrassed. Instead, I'll just spend a little more time explaining the videos. :)

I'd noticed Levi could count to 3. Not super-impressive since he's 2 and all, but last week I thought I'd teach him to count to 5. I said, "Let's count, Levi. One..." He followed my lead and said, "Two..." I got to 5 and he said, "Six..." We got all the way to 10! I was impressed with that since I'd worked on counting with him exactly one time, including that time. So, I did what anyone would. I called Bryan at work and had our son perform. I then had him do it again when Libby got home from preschool and then again when Addi got home from school. Partly because I was proud and partly because it was just so darn cute! Bryan mentioned getting it on video and that's what I set out to do today.

However, Levi was done performing. We tried about 20 times. I even promised him a pop-pop (lollipop) even though he'd already had one two earlier at the store. (I know! I never, ever would've have given one of the girls candy to keep them busy in a store. I'm so ashamed I just admitted it! Does it make it any better that they're organic??)

He never counted. While the tape was rolling, that is. Every time I stopped recording he begged to see and then he answered every question I asked. Every question he'd refused to answer while being recorded. But, what I got was good enough and then I thought I'd share one of the less frustrating other attempts. Enjoy!

Note: For some reason there are 3 videos here with the first 2 being the same. I have tried deleting one. I'm not spending anymore time on it. Sorry!

http://vimeo.com/10565721 from ginny parker on Vimeo.

leviouttakes from ginny parker on Vimeo.