28 March 2010

day 97

Think of this as a Before

and After, if you will.
Bryan strategically packs for trips. He will spend hours loading the van just right the day before we leave for vacation. We're only allowed to use certain bags for clothing because they've passed his test for optimal conformity in our luggage carrier.
Normally I pack and am finishing with packing while he loads. However, we decided to leave a day early from our camping trip to avoid the impending snow. We decided earlier in the afternoon, but didn't really start packing up until early evening. We'd been warned rain was in the forecast for the evening, so, naturally we wanted to be in the car before it began. I decided I'd help Bryan load up the van since he tends to take a while. I'm all for order, but when it's time to go home, I really just want to throw the stuff in the van, slam the door and hit the road.
In the first picture I tried. Really, I did. I just couldn't make myself stand and stare at the back of the van for 15 minutes mentally rearranging our sleeping bags and mats and quilts. Needless to say, Bryan started all over and came up with the better solution seen in the second photo. :) As soon as I finished, I stood back and began to laugh. I knew nothing would last with my way. Then I grabbed the camera. Because I know my husband and I knew he would produce order pretty enough for a picture.

And, that's one of the many reasons I love him so much. :)