31 March 2010

day 99

Reagan loves pretty things. Most girls do, I suppose. Her older sister certainly does and I do, but her enjoyment of pretty things is on a whole other level from Addi's and mine. She's been so excited about wearing her Easter dress this year. She had planned on wearing it to preschool tomorrow, but I just couldn't let her. That girl is messy! There's rarely a day she doesn't walk out of her classroom covered in some sort of food, marker and/or paint stain. Don't get me wrong, I love that she's being a kid at preschool! But, I just couldn't send her in her new Easter dress. Instead I pulled out Addi's Easter dress she wore when she was 4. I love that dress and would've had Libby wear it this year, but I had trouble coming up with an option for Levi. I just don't think I could've put him in lavender. (Bryan might have put his foot down :) I originally saved it thinking Libby would wear it and now she will. Of course, she can wear it to church also...just not on Easter. So, here are some scanned pictures of my girls from April 2007. I love them because I'm reminded how scared Libs was of the bunnies. She attacked the bunnies the year before, so that's totally what I expected. Instead she shook with fright!