24 October 2009

photo 13

Tonight I have a very special photo for you. It's Patrick! What's that...you don't know Patrick? Well, Ladies, if you ever need some magic done to your hair, he's your man. Funny thing about a blog that's posted on The WORLD WIDE WEB...anyone can find anything you write! Someone found this that I wrote over 2 years ago and let Patrick know about it. Then he emailed me and now you get to put a face with the name. What a nice guy he is to send me a picture! He's also great with hair, but I've mentioned that a few times already, so if you're ever in the vicinity of Lawton/Ft.Sill, OK, remember Patrick! (Seriously, if you're not a crazy person and really want a fabulous cut/color, let me know and I can get you his salon info. He's worth a drive. I'm trying to convince Bryan of that!)