23 October 2009

photo 12

All 5 of us spent a little time at Addison's school this morning. Bryan had some time off he had to use, so we thought we'd go to Sea World today. But, Addi hopped out of school on Monday telling me she had a surprise to tell me when we got home. About 50 steps later, she said, "Okay, I'll tell you now! I got a Sparkle Award! And I got a sticker and a pencil and I got to go to Mrs. S's office and I get to go on stage at the assembly on Friday!" The Sparkle awards are given to students who are caught doing something kind. We are not surprised that our loving, considerate Addi received such an award, but we are proud that she shows kindness to those around her even when we are not there to remind her. Congratulations and good job, Addi!