13 July 2009

weekend trip

Bright and early Friday morning, we hit the road.

Everyone was all smiles even though it was 6:30 and no one had been fed.

Our first stop was for donuts. We all enjoyed smelling the chocolate iced donuts we'd enjoy eating once we got to Nana and Poppa's house. Well, all except for the boys. They ate bananas instead. Levi would probably prefer a banana to anything else and Bryan was still attempting to eat healthy...he was successful through lunch, but those puffy tacos got to him at dinner.

We're still smiling even though mom and dad are making us wait to eat our breakfasts.

Levi received Nana's full attention while he ate. (I have a feeling he got that pretty much his entire stay!)

We said goodbye to Poppa and Nana, kissed Levi and loaded back into the van for a 4 hour drive to San Antonio.

Right around Austin, the girls started moaning because I cut off the snacks since we'd be eating lunch in about an hour. Amazingly we made it to the restaurant without anyone dying from starvation. We like to stop at EZ's anytime we're in SA because the one in Dallas disappeared. It was there before we moved to Raleigh, but gone when we returned. Or maybe it just moved locations? Anyone know??

We were a little bored while we waited for our food, so we broke out the camera.

Addi got to take a couple pictures, so, of course, little sister wanted to also. She dropped the camera before she got a chance. My last camera was dropped last summer on the tail-end of a trip to SA and that's when I got this camera. Fortunately, there was no need for a new camera this time, but boy did she pout when I took the camera away to make sure it was still working.

It didn't last long. As soon as I handed it back to her with the strap around her this time, she happily snapped this shot. I was impressed...Libs got us all in and we're even kind of centered.

After lunch, we headed to our friends' home to change into swimsuits and sunscreen up. Joel and Christian came with us to Sea World that afternoon. After a failed attempt to see Diamond (the Budweiser horse my girls have adopted) and a successful dolphin feeding, we spent the rest of the hot afternoon in the water. Joel became King of Entertainment when he invented a game involving knocking the kids off the floating lilypads while Bryan watched from the sidelines and I prayed neither of my girls would have to go to the bathroom again. Our reward was El Chapparal that night and it was worth the 45 minutes we had to wait to sit outside. Yum! Yum!
The next day, Julie was able to join us at Sea World. We left right after we ate Joel's breakfast tacos and watermelon. Bryan's plan to eat healthy while on our trip was completely sabotaged by then!
First stop, after the dolphins, of course, was the Viva show. The girls and I loved this show last time, but Bryan missed it since he was waiting on Levi to finish his nap at the hotel. It was still a great show the second time around.

And, I still got teary watching the baby Beluga whale swim alongside its momma. I think all that started last summer when I had my baby still so close to me with every move I made. The show was closed because the babies were still nursing, as was my baby, but they allowed you to watch the mommas and babies swimming around. A Sea World educator presented some facts about Beluga whales and the one I loved hearing most made me want to fall to my knees and praise God for His awesome creation. The babies are gray while the adults are white. This is so the babies can swim under and to the side of their mothers appearing as her shadow. Cool, huh?! This year the babies are actually involved in the show, but still always close to their mothers.

After the show we headed to cool off in the water. Being a Saturday, the water park was packed, so we only lasted a couple hours before we decided to ride some rides.

After a couple more hours, we left for a treat...fruit cups and corn cups. We'd never had them, but they were tasty! Then it was time to head home for showers and, you guessed it, more eating! We feasted on grilled chicken and steak, potatoes, guacamole and brownies. Basically my stomach hurt the entire weekend from being stuffed to its limits.

The girls enjoyed playing basketball, or football, or soccer, depending on who was talking, with Christian. It was fun for me to see what my kids might play like in the next couple years when Levi's a little older. Christian's a doll and was a good sport about having to watch Cinderella in our car.

The next morning we woke up and loaded the car bound for Austin. My aunt had a delicious brunch waiting on us that we got to enjoy with her, my grandmother, and my 2 cousins. And, because we hadn't had enough of the water already, we went swimming in a chilly spring-fed pool.

About 30 minutes outside of Austin I looked back and saw Addi asleep and Libby barely hanging on.

10 minutes later and both girls were out.

We had such a fun weekend, but it was so good to see Levi walk as fast as his little legs could carry him when he saw us standing at Nana and Poppa's door. He looked like he grew an inch and put on 6 pounds! That couldn't have been from all the homemade chocolate ice cream he ate, could it?!
We're back to swim lessons and organizing this week. Although, I must admit, I've lost some of my fire since I've still got laundry to catch up on and a refrigerator to stock. Am I really expected to wash the clothes, feed the children, and organize our house?