09 July 2009

weekly re-cap

I'm supposed to be packing right now. I'm about half-way finished, but can't seem to find the motivation to complete the task. Bryan, the girls and I are headed to Sea World San Antonio early tomorrow morning. Levi is spending the weekend with his Nana and Poppa. Leaving any of my children behind always makes me a little anxious. Oh, I have no doubts in the abilities of Bryan's parents. I do, however, know tomorrow is not promised to me or mine and the control freak in me doesn't want to leave him behind not knowing if I'll see him again. In that line of reasoning, I could just grab the kids and hide under my bed all day every day. :)

We will return on Sunday ready to start another week of swim lessons. We've had swim lessons every afternoon since Monday. Let me tell you, in case you've ever wondered, swim lessons at 2 pm are excrutiatingly HOT! It doesn't help that my time is spent chasing Levi. All he has on his mind the entire 1/2 hour we're there is taking a running leap into the pool. I've brought all manner of distractions only to have to pick them up with one hand while clutching him like a (sweaty, squirming, squealing) football with the other. I've only gotten in 1 workout this week, but I'm counting my time at swim lessons as workouts. I'd be surprised if I don't burn more calories there!

So, between swim lessons in the afternoons and practicing for swim lessons in the mornings, our hair feels like hay. But, our skin has never been more golden. :) The practicing has really reinforced the lessons. Libby, who last summer wouldn't step foot on the splash ground or be in the pool without being physically attached to me, is now swimming under water by herself. Monday she would not put her head under the water and I knew she wouldn't get far without doing that. Tuesday morning, at our practice, she wouldn't listen to me at all. She only wanted to play, but then at the lesson that afternoon, she jumped right in the water and stuck her head under. Yesterday afternoon she turned into a little fish and, at some point while wrestling Levi, I noticed she was swimming under water without help. Addi is working on different strokes (backstroke, breaststoke, freestyle) and diving. It's been fun to see them making improvements every day. I really can't say enough about this swimming program. If you live in or near Frisco, I would highly recommend them.

Some of you noticed Levi got a haircut. About a week ago, Bryan was home and I was talking to him with Levi on my hip. He looked at our little boy, wrinkled his nose in disgust, and said, "That boy needs a haircut. Let me get my clippers after him." I don't know what came over me. I would have been the first to admit he needed a trim. His hair is starting to get thick and his little head was always so sweaty. So, I held down my baby while Bryan buzzed his hair off. Well, not all of his hair. He still has enough to do this:

So, I've also been experimenting with hair products on my son this week! He thinks it is hilarious when he looks in the mirror and, surprisingly, he leaves it alone. I can't say that about Libby. She can't keep her hands off his hair which only irritates him.

I also decided this would be a good couple of weeks to organize each room of this house. I did so well on Monday and Tuesday. Yesterday was a flop because I was supposed to get Levi's room done, but I scheduled way too much to get to it. My only opportunities were during naptime and bedtime and I'm not crazy! I gave myself today off so I could blog facebook pack and then, of course, I won't be working on it this weekend, but it's back to organizing after the weekend. I'll end up having another week because Libby has a dance camp the week after next, so we'll be sticking close to Frisco that week also. Maybe with that extra week, I can actually finish the dresser I started 57 weeks ago. Maybe that's too ambitious. I'll settle for a home full of organized rooms.

Hope you have a fun weekend. I'm sure I'll be back next week with some Sea World pictures.