17 July 2009

So, I'm Out of Cheese...

An alternate title for this post could be Totally Pointless and Uninteresting Facts about Our Week. If you choose to continue, don't say I didn't warn you.

I'm really making an effort to blog more regularly. I thought I could handle blogging every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Especially since most Wednesdays I only post a photo. I didn't get in a post yesterday, mainly because our week was very similar to last week with the exception of our anniversary. If only we'd been married on the 16th, I could've done my Sea World re-cap on Monday, WW on Wednesday, and our anniversary post on Thursday. Next year I'll be set!

Anyway, we had a week filled with swim lessons and practicing for swim lessons. They ended yesterday and the girls were sad today when they realized we wouldn't be going to swim lessons this afternoon. Besides our anniversary, we had two other exciting events happen. Today we met some friends at the splash ground by our house. And the other day, we ran into a lady who had 2 daughters and a newborn son. The exciting part of that story is I heard her calling her daughter Addison. When I told her my oldest daughter is named Addison, she asked what my middle daughter's name is. I, of course, said Reagan and she smiled and said her older daughter is named Reagan. Weird, huh?! It doesn't get any weirder 'cause her son's name is Jackson, not Levi. Although Jackson was a name I always had on my boys' names list.

Oh, and we discovered we really do have an incredible babysitter. She'll be leaving us for A&M this fall and couldn't babysit on Wednesday because she was headed to College Station for her orientation. Instead, we used one of her friends. The friend was fine, but we've been spoiled by M. When M. babysits, we come home to hand-washed dishes and the kids all as happy as clams. I'll just say that wasn't the case with the friend. Fortunately M. has a sister who wants to take over for her, so we won't have to use the friend again.

That was our terribly un-exciting week. This weekend will be fairly uneventful as well, but I'm looking forward to it. Libby's got a birthday party tomorrow afternoon and we'll take the kids swimming at the athletic center's pool before it. Bryan has some yard work to do and I have some cleaning to do. All in all though, a fairly calm weekend.

One last thing: is this blog loading absurdly slow for you? Each time I open it, it takes forever for everything to load. I'm wondering if this is happening to everyone else. Who wants to sit and wait for a blog to load? Especially to read something less than mediocre! Let me know and I'll see what I can do about it.

Have a good weekend.

My word, I totally forgot to let you know there is a meaning to the title! I was so excited about tonight's supper. I made homemade pizza dough and homemade marinara sauce. When I went to get the toppings out of the fridge, I realized I'd forgotten to buy some cheese. We had swiss, parmesan (okay, but not only parmesan), and cheddar. Argh! I called Bryan and asked him to stop at Kroger on the way home and buy some Mozzarella. Problem solved. Or so I thought. He came home with Imitation Mozzarella cheese! I'm not really a food snob. Okay, maybe I'm a bit of a food snob, but what's the point in making the rest of the pizza from scratch if you're not gonna use real cheese? In his defense, I have told him thousands of times I don't care about brands, to just buy what's cheapest. That's exactly what he did. :)