30 July 2008

WW (or some variation of ww)

Sisters, Sisters
There were never such devoted Sisters...

Ever seen White Christmas?

Addi and Libby are taking a dance class together this summer. They love it. I wish I could set up our video camera in the class to share with you. Addi is serious and keeps her eyes on the teacher. Libby spends a lot of time rolling around on the floor. She's not disruptive, well, besides all the others seeing her roll around, but she doesn't ever roll into anyone - I'm looking for the positives here! I've learned that if we want them to branch out and socialize they can't be in the same class! I guess having a sister is like having a built-in friend. At least it is for my girls at this point in their lives. It may change. I'm expecting it to, but I'm cherishing sweet moments of adoration between them now.