31 July 2008

Goodbye, you handsome boy!

We watch So You Think You Can Dance, otherwise known as The Dancin' Show at our house.

Addi is very opinionated about who should stay and who should go. Although, her reasons generally have very little to do with dancing. She usually looks to clothing and hairstyles when deciding on her favorites. Oh, and gender. Gender is very important to her. The males on the show have no chance with Addi.

That is, until tonight. Tonight Addi looked at the tv and said, "I hope the boy in the pink shirt stays. I like his hair."

That was a little surprising, but then for the last 15 minutes of the show everytime she saw him/the boy in the pink shirt/Mark, she would say something about his "handsome hair". When it was announced that indeed Mark would be leaving, Addi stuck out her bottom lip and said, with much flair and drama, "Does this mean I'll never see him again?! Goodbye, you handsome boy! I'll miss you, Handsome!"

I'm not sure if she actually understands the word handsome, but I was a little disarmed. She hasn't even started school yet. I don't remember thinking about boys being handsome when I was 5! What will she be like when she's 7?!