29 July 2008

Becky "tagged" me, I think

I got an email from my friend Becky a couple days ago that made me laugh. She was unsure of correct blogging terms and it made me chuckle to think of myself a little over two years ago...if someone'd sent me an email saying they'd "tagged" me on their blog, I would've thought they were speaking another language. I had fun reading her answers, so I thought I'd throw caution to the wind and give the meme a whirl. Plus, if you'll note, this makes my eleventh post in July, which is the most I've written since I was still referring to Levi as Baby P.

A. Attached or Single? quite attached
B. Best Friend? my attachment, Bryan
C. Cake or Pie? without hesitation pie, pecan and my mom's chocolate are my favorites
D. Day of choice? Saturday
E. Essential item? uhmm, breastmilk, it is keeping someone alive right now!
F. Favorite color? purple (really any color, I love color)
G. Gummy bears or worms? sour patch kids or strawberry twizzlers?!
H. Home town? Irving, Texas is where I grew up, now it is Frisco, Texas
I. Favorite indulgence? my latest is Blue Bell's Chocolate Extreme ice cream, the name says it all!
J. January or July? July, my wedding anniversary and it isn't cold
K. Kids? 3 that light up my life, 2 daughters and 1 son
L. Life isn’t complete without? my Savior (same as Becky, but there isn't another more true answer)
M. Marriage date? anniversary? July 15, 2000. night out? a yummy meal then home to watch a movie during which I would fall asleep on the couch
N. Number of brothers and sisters? 1 very lucky brother : )
O. Oranges or Apples? I like tangerines and Granny Smith apples
P. Phobias? anything that slinks and scurries...rodents, snakes, cockroaches, etc.
Q. Quotes? "Mommy, I don't like you. I love you!" - my daughters say this everyday : )
R. Reasons to smile? my family, my friends, God's love, mercy, forgiveness, grace, patience, kindness, sovereignty...
S. Season of choice? Spring for the bluebonnets in Texas, Fall for football
T. Tag 4 people: my brain is fried, if you want to do this and haven't consider yourself tagged
U. Unknown fact about me? well...I used to work at Sonic (that's not unknown), but I still get a little excited when I go to Sonic and they're really busy and I can see the fountain person working like a madperson to get all those yummy Sonic treats on the trays. Really, I want to get out of my car and go take over. That's more of an embarrassing fact that should have stayed unknown.
V. Vegetable? I'll say eggplant because we had it tonight, but almost any vegetable I love
W. Worst habit? procrastination
X. Xray or ultrasound? (what is this question?!) I guess I'll have to go with Becky's again 'cause she gave a good answer and I can't think of better...ultrasound, I think I cried each time I saw my babies moving inside me
Y. Your favorite food? Mexican food
Z. Zodiac sign? I think I'm a pisces...obviously I pay a lot of attention to it since I just had to Google "zodiac signs" to know how to spell pisces!