03 March 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful


It is snowing and sleeting.

Right now.

In March.

In Texas.

The night before my baby's Birth Day.

Might make for a fun trip to the hospital tomorrow morning at 5:30, especially since I love weather like this and driving/riding in it makes me want to hide my face and cry. The silver lining is Baby P will actually get to wear the sweater and matching hat home that I've packed. Well, that is if the cool temps can hang on for the next couple days. What is more likely to happen is we'll be sweating on our way home from the 85 degree weather. It was just Saturday that I was sweating while we were at the park with the girls. But, it will make for a more memorable Birth Day for Campbell/Levi.

Look for news on our new little one tomorrow!