02 March 2008

Looks like March 4th is the day

Not much is going on around here. It's been a quiet day. My children are with their Nana and Poppa, so Bryan and I have done fun things like lay around and watch movies while enjoying our Long John Silvers and Blue Bell ice cream. The labor thing, it's just not happening. And believe me, no one is more disappointed than I (or is it "me"? Whichever.)

I'm scheduled for an induction on Tuesday morning, which I'm fairly conflicted about, so I'd appreciate prayers. I had a great experience when I was induced with Libby, but I know many, many people who haven't. My doctor has told me she'll break my water first and only start me on pitocin if my body doesn't respond. I was so looking forward to a labor free of iv needles and those horrible baby monitoring straps! Those straps are the worst! Well, there are worse things, of course, but I really, really dislike those straps.

I may or may not post anything tomorrow. It's sure to be the most quiet day of the last 5 years for me. Such a contrast to the next day filled with a new baby cry and big sisters telling me all about their stay with Nana and Poppa and all the grandparents, aunts, and uncles making predictions about who the baby looks more like. I can't wait!

I don't have any hospital baby pictures of Addi on the computer, but here are a couple of her at probably, I don't know, 2 months old. I know she wasn't any older than 3 months because Bryan hadn't deployed yet.

And this one is Libby, minutes after her birth.

The 3 Parker girls about to be wheeled to the post-partum room.