13 December 2007

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I've struggled as an adult (or, at least since I've had children) to really feel that way at Christmas-time.

Part of the problem is my tendency to procrastinate. 'Cause procrastination leads to stress.

I'm not an early shopper. I wish I would run out in March and get all my Christmas shopping done. Instead I spend countless hours on the computer and driving to various stores desparately searching for the scooter that got all 5 stars in the ToysRUs reviews a week or two before the big day.

I love getting Christmas cards. I don't particularly enjoy writing out all the addresses on the envelopes of our cards. And, I really don't like spending any time at the post office buying stamps. Each year Bryan makes a request for a Christmas letter to be enclosed with our family card. However, y'all know who would be in charge of that. Maybe next year when we won't have just moved. Of course, I'll have 3 kids next year. I knew someone once who always sent out a New Years' letter. I might could get our Christmas letter out by New Years!

I have learned that life won't just slow down. There will always be something screaming for your attention, especially when you're a Mom. Sometimes you just have to hit the pause button.

I did that today. The girls and I got up (even though the last thing I wanted to do was get out of bed with my scratchy throat), acted lazy, finally got around to breakfast, dressed and ran to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients we'd need to bake.

Actually, we didn't run, at all. We took our time. We walked slowly through the aisles. The girls sang and danced to Albertsons' elevator-music versions of Christmas classics. There was hardly another soul in the store and all the employees were eager to help. The store manager even offered to help me out with my cart. It took me by surprise (I'm still getting re-acquainted with this Texas hospitality) and I immediately refused. He offered again. I again politely refused, but was really impressed with his offer.

Though what in the world would I have done while he loaded my car?! Buckled in Libby, making sure the straps were nice and tight and started the car so the heater could get going?! I don't know that I could have functioned at those things without also having to load the car, being extra careful not to smash the eggs and put the cart up and referee an argument at the same time! No, as nice as his offer was, I needed to take care of the groceries myself.

Believe it or not, there was not even an argument to referee. We, instead, had a peaceful drive to McDonalds where we picked up lunch and headed home to eat. As the girls began eating, I unloaded the groceries. Then I looked for a Christmas movie. I really wanted to watch Miracle on 34th Street, but forgot we don't have a vcr downstairs. I grabbed White Christmas because it was the only "Christmas" dvd, but it wasn't in its case.

So, we baked Christmas goodies all afternoon with the only background noise being our laughter. We didn't quite finish, but I'll have tomorrow afternoon and Saturday morning. Then we'll deliver the treats to our neighbors and pack a few boxes to send off to a couple families we won't be seeing this Christmas.

Bryan got home and took us to eat Mexican tonight. Yum! It was a great ending to an even better day.

My throat is still scratchy, but I feel recharged for card addressing and present hunting. I even remembered to buy stamps at Albertsons today!

(Although, I don't, at the moment, feel recharged for uploading pictures from my camera. I'll have to add pictures tomorrow.)