16 December 2007

The Night Out

Last night, Bryan and I painted the town red!

Or, at least as red as we could get it for 2 Thirty-Somethings with 2 kids and one on the way drving a minivan!

So, really more a shade of pale, pale pink.

We met another couple for dinner at N9NE Steakhouse and, let me just tell you, this pregnant stay-at-home mom was feeling oh-so-out-of-place amid all the "Dallas Big Hair", 4-inch heels, and 4-inch miniskirts. But they had food and food makes me happy. Plus, the girls spent the night with my grandparents and, as any stay-at-home mom would agree, a night (every once in a while) without kids is like a spa vacation.

The girls were wired and ready for a Night o' Fun when Bryan and I dropped them off last evening. Maybe a little too wired since they didn't go to sleep until 11:30. Apparently there was lots of waking in the night also. According to Addi, "Libby needed to sleep by herself because she kept waking me up hundreds of times!"

Did I mention it was their first time to share a bed?!

My grandmother did say that she left the bathroom light on for them, but wasn't sure they really needed it because they certainly knew their way to her room. Don't worry though, "John just slept right through it all." I couldn't help chuckling and stating that "somehow the men are always able to sleep 'through it all'!" I have a feeling Meme is snoozing as I type this catching up some of her lost sleep courtesy of the Parker twosome :)

That's exactly what the twosome's doing. Each in their own beds this time.

It warms my heart that my children will have memories of their great-grandparents. These are my mom's parents and they lived about 5 minutes from the house I grew up in. My brother and I were their only grandchildren for quite some time and they spoiled us rotten. Papa always used to try and get us to say we were "mean and rotten". Meme would always say, "No, you're not. Tell Papa you're sweet and precious." Of course, we always told Papa we were "sweet and precious" I remember this going on with my cousins also and was happy to hear Libby tell me today she was "sweet and precious", but "Papa mean and rotten!"

I don't know that Meme and Papa will ever be up to keeping the girls for us again, but we so appreciated that they did last night.