17 November 2007

a short update

Well, we're here in Frisco. Our household goods were delivered last Friday and we had a get-together today with some family and friends.

And, no, the boxes are not all unpacked and the house is not all put together, but we have understanding family and friends.

The girls are doing well. Libby had a few days of asking to go back home. She started sleeping in a toddler bed (without rails) on Saturday night and didn't fall out all week. She's sleeping in her new big-girl bed (with rails) right now...she wouldn't even let me cover her up :(

Addi has had a harder time. She keeps talking about how much she misses her friends and has drawn them all pictures and written in cards for them. I have to get some stamps so we can get those in the mail. But, we met a family behind us today and they have a little girl only a few days older than Addi. They also moved from NC last year and have 2 year-old twin girls. Hopefully all our girls will get along because they would make wonderful playmates.

Bryan is liking the new office. The girls and I got to see "where Daddy works" on Monday and were impressed by the kitchen...maybe it will inspire him to take his lunch instead of going out to eat every day!

I had an appointment with my new OB on Thursday and I loved her! I've never (with 4 different OBs in 3 different states) had another one ask how I'd like my labor and delivery to go...you know, how they say it will happen in the books :) This one did and she was so nice. She really took her time with me and seemed fine that I had both girls at the appointment. *a revealing look at how pathetic I can be below*

Baby P is great! Moving and grooving...so everyone says. He/She doesn't seem to be as active as I remember Libby being, but the doctors and sonogram technicians all talk about how much he/she moves. I have another appointment/ultrasound/gestational diabetes test in 3 weeks and then I start going every 2 weeks. I can't believe we're already at that point in this pregnancy! Things are going to really fly now, especially with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years coming up.

I felt a little sad when everyone left today and had to remind myself that I could see them again tomorrow, if I wanted. It was a strange, but nice feeling.

Our wireless is not quite working, even with all the hard work from Uncle Clay (thanks again, Clay!), but I'm online, our phones work, and we are gettting all our mail, we think :) I plan on catching up with communications this week. At least during the beginning of this week since the later part is Thanksgiving and a day dedicated to football. I've added a few shots of our last few weeks...I know some of y'all only care about the pictures anyway!

*I don't think I've even told Bryan this, but I have yet to change my watch to the correct time. In fact, we left on the Saturday before the time change, so now my watch is 2 hours ahead. Everytime I decided I'm being ridiculous, I just can't make myself change the time to Texas time. And, yes, I know it is even correct North Carolina time anymore. I'll change it one of these days. Now I just really confuse myself when I'm in a hurry and glance at my watch :)