02 November 2007

1 down, 1 to go

I'm sitting here in a hotel room in Raleigh listening to airplanes fly overhead and the sweet sleeping noises of Libby Lu. Despite Addi falling asleep on the way here, she is wide awake trying to perform gymnastic stunts in her bed.

Our movers finished about 6:30 tonight and we waved as the truck drove away with all our stuff. Libby has probably said she wanted to go home and/or wanted her bed 10 times since then. Addi's been fine, especially since she got to play with Isabelle a little tonight. I broke down in our front yard when it was time for Bryan to leave. But, really it doesn't seem like we're doing anything but taking one of our twice yearly trips to Texas. Our flight is tomorrow around noon. Bryan is still on the road with Zoe...he has hotel reservations in Atlanta. He plans on making the rest of the trip tomorrow, so we should all be reunited at some point tomorrow.

I'll let you know more when I get a chance.