25 November 2007

I'm Back

So, we had the internet connection working and then, wouldn't you know it, I was checking email one day and the screen went black. Turns out my LCD screen had to be replaced and that was done on Friday afternoon. But, we weren't home when it was replaced and then we weren't home yesterday...all these Family Obligations :) That is why I'm posting a few days after I could have.

First of all, thank y'all for your sweet comments and your prayers. We're still adjusting and I know we will be for a while. I haven't lived in 3 different states and experienced 4 different moves since I was married 7 1/2 years ago to not learn that the adjustment takes a while! I do think it is a little easier for me this time because, with the exception of the town we live in, everywhere else we go is familiar. That isn't the case for the rest of my family, but it's helping me. And, of course, the fact that we moved to an area where almost all of our family lives and a lot of our old friends live is tremendously comforting.

We drove to Tyler (in east TX) and had a wonderful Thanksgiving. On Friday, we watched the Aggies BTHOtu at my parents' house. My mom kept the girls entertained by making gingerbread houses with them. Honestly (and I know, I'm a 2-%er), I had already planned out what stores I could visit during the second half when I could no longer bare(bear, which is it??) to watch our beating. As it turned out, I have yet to capture a great bargain this sale weekend. I'd much rather have it this way. I'd give up free shoes to watch the Aggies beat tu! Yesterday, I did attempt to score a deal on some Christmas decorations, but I found the worst Garden Ridge ever built and couldn't bring myself to spend any of Bryan's hard-earned money at it. Then, last evening we celebrated Bryan's birthday with his parents, sister, bil, niece, and nephew. It was great fun watching the 3 older kids follow each other around the house and to see what our little Baby P will be doing this time next year since Rachel is about the age he/she will be.

We have a busy week planned with Bryan's birthday on Monday, a trip to Belton to see dear friends on Tuesday, a trip to Canton on Friday (I couldn't believe when I Googled 1st Monday a Wikipedia article came up - they're big time!), and a family Christmas party and a birthday party on Saturday. I'm not sure when I'll get Christmas shopping in with how quickly our calendar is filling up!...maybe I can get it all done on Friday. Bryan will roll his eyes when he reads that :) Growing up in East Texas, his recollections of First Monday are not of the shoppers paradise it is today.

And, oh yeah, I also have to take care of the speeding ticket I got 4 days after we moved here. Welcome to Frisco! Of course, in order to do that I first have to have my car registered and get my Texas driver's license. I found out that helpful information after I sat in a nasty waiting room for an hour the other day. And, because I'm a first-born-girl-rule-follower (or I'm just nuts and am trying to blame all my quirks on something), I have to let you know this is my first speeding ticket of my driving career. I should probably also add that I've been pulled over several other times for speeding, however, I left with only warnings. So, I deserved it, but it's still a pain!

Here are some pictures of our house and a few of the girls. I think there's even one of my reflection in there...maybe you can tell how much bigger I've gotten since you've seen me last :)

the front of our house - I wanted to get it all for y'all, but it is so cold and wet here, I couldn't make myself walk as far out as I needed to - left windows are the study, right windows are the dining room with Libby's room above and our room is to the right of dining room

the girls standing in front of the door - I thought their expressions below were funny, I caught them right as the scarecrow fell over :)

standing in our entryway

dining room with pictures all over the table - I hope they aren't staying there :)

breakfast area/kitchen

living room with pictures propped against the walls

master bedroom - the bath is a really dark blue

our cute little half bath - even the toilet handle matches the light fixture, we'll just have to switch out the faucet and doorknob (most of the doorknobs on the first floor match that light fixture)

You can see whose room this is - she wanted the purple one even after she saw Libby's - that door leads to the bathroom she shares with Libby, which she thinks is really neat :)

Libby Lu's room - both the girls' rooms need bedding and pictures/shelves up on the wall

I didn't get a picture of the baby's room, the study, the playroom or the other bathrooms. The girls bathroom is the same purple as Addi's bedroom. And, those other rooms are a mess. I'm sure you'll see pictures of the baby's room once she/he gets here.

I suppose now I must go and hang some pictures :)...or help Bryan purge the playroom in preparation for Christmas.