26 November 2007

The Gift

I don't think I've mentioned that Wii we got a we Wii, but Wii we did.

(The story is kind of funny...I'll let you in on the short version because I'm really posting to tell you about something else.)

Addi's birthday was the day after we left Raleigh, so Bryan and I took her to Toys R Us and told her she could pick a gift. I was, naturally, practicing easy let-downs like, "Sweetie, I know we said you could pick your birthday present, but it just isn't practical to spend $500 on a life-size, talking horse." Or, "Why don't you try and narrow down your selections to the two you like best." Instead, we roamed the whole store and she ooohed and aaahed enough to make me repeat my let-downs a few times in my head, but ended up saying the one present she wanted was a Barbie movie that had (fortunately for us) been marked down to $9.99.

So, we bought a Wii with the leftovers. It was supposed to be Bryan's birthday present. However, I couldn't just let his big day go by without giving him something to open.

The girls and I set out this morning to find him a golf game he ooohed and aaahed about when the Starrs enlightened us to its existence this weekend. It took us four tries, but we finally found a store with one left. I almost jumped up and down!

The game was technically from Libby. Addi planned on buying him a plastic snow globe that can have pictures inserted in the middle. I bought one when I was in college from Old Navy and we still have it hanging around containing oh-so-young-looking pictures of Bryan and me. She loves it and keeps it in her room. I told her that I probably bought it ten years ago and we would have a hard time finding another. She ended up settling for a glass and ceramic snow globe from Target. And this one plays songs!

I'm positive Bryan was equally excited about both presents. In fact, I can hear the music from that little snow globe drifting through the house as I type this...or, maybe that's the Wii!?!

The best gift of the night isn't one Bryan received though.

Bryan is a gift for the girls and me. He's a wonderful father and husband. We couldn't find one any better...no matter how many stores we visited! The Lord blessed us with him and he will be a blessing to this new little one we will be meeting soon.

I love you, B. The girls adore you. Can't wait to see what the next 32 years bring your way.