02 October 2007

A Delayed First Day

When we found out we were moving I went back and forth on whether Addi would begin preschool here. Bryan and I talked about it and finally decided we would wait to start her until we moved thereby avoiding the difficulties involved with not only moving her home, but also her preschool.

However, it now looks as though the girls and I will be here much longer than we'd hoped. And, honestly, she's been driving me crazy. (It hasn't been her fault. We've been living waiting to move. That isn't a fun way to live. Plus all her friends have either started school or preschool.)

Today, she began her time in Miss Angie and Miss Jeneane's class. She spent last week preparing by working in a kindergarten letter workbook. Every day she would pull it out and tell Libby she couldn't play because she needed to work. This morning she told Libby that Libby might get lonely today because she was going to preschool. (Of course, Libby responded with, "I wan go preschool!")

She had a good day and is really excited about going back on Thursday. She even told Libby that tomorrow they could hunt for something that starts with D to take for Show and Tell. Oh, and since there's another Addie, she's decided she wants to go by Addison. Her teachers, who've known her since before she turned 2, say they are having trouble remembering to call her Addison instead of Addi.

I got a picture at the beginning of the day with Addison and Miss Angie and at the end of the day with Addison and Miss Jeneane.