05 October 2007

Going, going, gone!

We are waiting to hear back from our relocation company, but our house has a (at this point) verbal contract on it! Needless to say, we're thrilled! As soon as the relo company finishes up some paperwork, it will be official.

And, in the knick of time as we had an Open House scheduled for Sunday. Bryan and I planned on taking the girls to a pumpkin patch, but the temperature is supposed to almost be 90 on Sunday. Now we can delay that trip for more seasonal weather...and that was written with complete optimism that we will, in fact, see seasonal weather this October.

We have put in an offer on "the" house in Frisco and should hear back from the sellers today or tomorrow. We're hoping to have all that hashed out by Monday.

So, we'll be having Thanksgiving in Texas. Maybe we can get some more seasonal weather there :)

God is good and we are thankful.