28 September 2007

little frustrations

On Saturday, we noticed our computer was running so SLOW and that every 4.5 minutes a message would pop up telling us something to the effect of No Wireless Connectivity and that meant no internet for anywhere between 10 seconds to 45 minutes....frustrating!

Here is where I should mention that we have another computer, a somewhat antiquated, but reliable desktop. However, when we still had hope our house would sell within our time-frame, we packed that baby up and stuck it in storage to help our home appear less cluttered...frustrating!

I'll bring this one up because I love my husband dearly and while, I could've cared less, he was very concerened on Sunday when he wouldn't have internet. He has a routine on Sunday afternoons of setting up our living room with the computer, the remote, and various snacks. Then he spends the day obsessively checking his points against the other people's in his Fantasy Football league and flipping from game to game. For him, not being able to check on the points was, you guessed it...frustrating!

In the past week, we've had 4 showings postponed by an hour. We have gotten the call to postpone the showings at least 45 minutes into the original showing time. 2 of those actually called well into the postponed time to let us know they wouldn't in fact be coming at all...very frustrating!

The most frustrating thing I've been dealing with has been my attitude. I've been letting myself get bogged down by all these little frustrations. How can I expect the Lord to use me for Great Things - Things that will most assuredly prove more challenging than a few glitches with our internet - if I can't even get past these little things?

Even our house not being sold by now is a little thing. We, or I never really considered that our house would still not have a contract on it. Unless we get a contract on it very soon, the girls and I will be staying here while Bryan moves on to Dallas. He'll come back every other weekend and while some of you may be thinking that sounds awful, I'm okay with it. Honestly, I wasn't and that disappoints me greatly. But, I quickly remembered a 6 month period I spent as a single mom. And, I remembered that only a month ago Bryan was still able to be activated and deployed. That would've been a 15 month time period of being a single mom to 2 and then 3. Just under 2 weeks is nothing! It's a vacation that thousands of military spouses would scoff at :)

Some of my favorite scripture is found in Jeremiah, "'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you to give you hope and a future. Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.'"

That's a passage I go back to over and over again. I need to remember it the next time a showing is canceled :)

*Certainly not frustrating news came on Thursday. I had an appointment at my OB's office. For the first time in all my pregnancies, I am measuring right on! I'm excited about this (even though it means I am bigger than I was at this point with either Addi or Libby). This also means I've gained more weight than I had at this point with my other two. In fact, with Addi, I was still throwing up everyday and hadn't even gained a pound. I'm hopeful this is an indication that this baby will gain weight a little more quickly than it's sisters did and not an indication that I will be gaining too much weight with this pregnancy.

And, now I must get something to eat...I'm famished :)