21 September 2007

Miss Inventive

Addi needed a large, flat space to work her puzzle during roomtime today. She took care of it herself.

That is a bookshelf Bryan built for Libby. It's in Addi's room for the time being since Libby's room is much smaller than Addi's room. We wanted to give potential buyers the allusion of more space in Libby's room by removing "extra" furniture.

All the stuff surrounding the shelf is what is usually on it. In Addi's words she, "carefully took everything off the shelves and then I very carefully laid the shelf down without a big bang." I'll say she was careful and there was no big bang! I didn't realize what was going on until tonight when I happened to look in her room on the way to my own.

I tried to get Bryan to build a matching shelf for Addi when he made this one. I don't think he'll be able to get out of the chore now. Or, at least once we move and this shelf goes back into Libby's room.

And, for once, I won't be the one nagging him about it :)