29 August 2007

Baby P and other updates

  1. I think it's a combination of this being my third pregnancy and all the other stuff going on in our lives now, but I have to remind myself I'm pregnant sometimes. I'm about fourteen and a half weeks and I have an appointment tomorrow. My puking has stopped although I had a close call this morning...still having trouble when I brush my teeth each morning. I solved that one Saturday by not brushing my teeth until the afternoon. Bryan went on and on about how gross that was so now I'm too self-conscience to continue with that remedy. I can eat most anything I want and occasionally crave things like beef brisket with potato salad, fried okra and pickles from The Q-Shack. The only other thing is I am extremely tired. I remember being tired with the girls, but not like this. I always love the second trimester of pregnancy, so hopefully my energy will peak soon.

  2. Our house hasn't had any offers. I am sick and tired of keeping it clean. In fact, if a realtor called right now and wanted to show our house in twenty minutes, we'd be in trouble! Thank goodness it's eight o'clock, so if we got a call it would be for tomorrow. I will have to pick up, sweep, mop, and vacuum tonight so we'll only have to worry about making the beds in the morning before we leave. It seems like the mornings I leave the house are the mornings we have showings. We have an Open House scheduled for the weekend after next. It will be as stress-free as anything we've had to do because we'll be out of town during it.

  3. During the Open House, we'll be in Dallas looking for a new house. We're getting excited about that, of course! We've narrowed it down to about thirty houses and we have two full days and two half days to look. It sure would be comforting to have a contract on our house here before we go :)

  4. I'll end this with a picture of a kiss:

a picture of a goof-ball:

and a picture of a princess: