30 August 2007

Is anyone else out there scared to buy a toy?

What is going on with all these toy recalls? The weekend before our house went on the market we purged the playroom and that happened to be around the time the first recall went out. I was shocked that my girls had several of those toys.

Today, we had to get birthday presents for 2 parties the girls are going to this weekend. We almost went to Target because I also needed groceries, but then I worried that we'd get a toy that would be recalled later. I had almost decided on a bookstore and then changed my mind. We headed to a local toy store that specializes in more expensive one-of-a-kind toys. I was still able to stay within my birthday party present budget, but, let's just say, the kids won't be getting a bag full of goodies.

Kids these days have too many toys anyway!...mine do, at least!