28 August 2007

Where is Addi?

Addi has been growing her hair out for about 19 months. For probably the last 4, she's been begging me to have it cut. I showed her the Locks of Love website and we decided she could wait until the end of summer so she'd have enough to donate. You have to donate a minumum of 10 inches! That didn't seem like too much at first. Even this morning before we left, I estimated how much would have to be cut off. I knew it would be a little more than what she was saying she wanted, but didn't think her hair would end up as short as it did. Before she could see a mirror, she ran her fingers through the back of her hair and said, "Why did you tell her to cut it so short?!!" Once it was dried and she was handed a mirror, she said she liked it. And, while we were waiting to pay (which, incidentally, we didn't have to pay anything here since we were donating) she looked up at me and said, "My hair is really adorable!" It is cute, but she looks like a different person. She looks like she's at least 6 and that makes me a little sad. What doesn't make me sad is how much time and heartache we will save when doing her hair...no more whining about how badly the tangles hurt!


back view, but she's looking down

the 10 inches cut off