12 April 2007

The Caterpillar

This evening we found several caterpillars crawling on our house. I expected Addi to freak out when I showed them to her. She is, after all, such a girly-girl. Instead she let one crawl all over her. She even named it Twirly and tried to "keep" it by bringing it inside the house. That is where I drew the line. Libby liked looking at it. She started to reach out and touch Twirly, but quickly recoiled. I expect her to pull caterpillars apart by the time she is Addi's age. Really, who knows though...I never would've expected Addi to react to a caterpillar the way she did.

update (4-13-07): We spent the day discussing what we thought Twirly the Caterpillar was doing at that exact moment. I finally convinced Addi that Twirly had probably gone into his cocoon and was on his way to becoming a beautiful butterfly. Then, we had to guess what color butterfly he was going to be...over and over again :)