11 April 2007

Is this justice?

This, of course, is big news here in NC. In fact, all afternoon regular programming was interrupted for coverage of it. Honestly, I questioned the allegations from the start, about a year ago. But, man the media really grabbed on to the story and prosecuted those young men. Today, it's again all the media can talk about. Only this time, they're prosecuting Nifong, the District Attorney...not that I believe he shouldn't be.

What really bothers me about the whole thing is this woman will not be charged with anything. Nothing. Nada.

She made up a horrible story and turned countless lives upside down and will not be held accountable for her actions. She made a mockery of a judicial system. I don't even want to think about how much taxpayer money was wasted in the past year. And, in my mind, what is just as bad as what she did to those lacrosse players was the doubt she placed in people's minds. The doubt that will be there the next time they hear of a woman crying "rape!"

I don't think there can be any happy endings for a story like this. I fear that these men will carry this ordeal with them long after the rest of us even remember that Duke has a lacrosse team. And, this woman obviously has a lot of issues. She also has 3 children...what a legacy for those poor babies. And, Mike Nifong, well, as "rogue-ish" as he may have acted, would he have had any material had this woman not come forward with a lie?

No, she was the beginning of the entire case and she should be the end. Justice should be served. I believe she most certainly should have to face some consequences.