07 April 2007

And to top it all off, we bought 'em $30 dresses!

Even though this past week was our Spring Break, Addi managed to pick up a stomach bug. She first got sick yesterday morning and is still feeling miserably. Looks like our church's Easter services and egg hunt will be off, for her anyway.

She actually seemed much better by last night...holding down liquids and crackers...even jumping all over pop packaging. She came in our room especially early this morning begging for breakfast. I rolled myself out of bed planning on returning to its inviting coziness as soon as I'd prepared her breakfast. We got downstairs and then I saw it. The I-don't-feel-quite-right face. She tried so hard to deny it, but I've had enough experiences with my children vomiting to know that face.

So, I made a bed for her in the playroom and started a movie per her request. I headed back upstairs and told Bryan she threw up again. Bryan's first response was something about how he was sure Libby would also have this bug by tomorrow. His second response quickly followed. "And, we spent $30 apiece on their dresses!"

I almost laughed out loud.

Now, I will admit, I am a Target mom. Most of the time I'm even a Target-on sale mom, but I "splurged" for Easter. With the help of Ebay, I was able to purchase NWT* Strasburg dresses at probably 1/3, if not 1/4 of their retail prices. Yes, you read correctly...of their retail prices...meaning I would have easily spent between $90 and $120 at the store.

As if you had any questions, now you know which one of us shops for clothes and which one of us has never looked at a price tag in his life!

Happy Easter, y'all. And, Happy (snowy) Easter Eve to all our family and friends in Texas. Craziness!!

Here are the girls in their pricey Easter dresses that might not see the light of day tomorrow. At least, I ran them in to have their picture made with the bunnies.**

*For those of you unfamiliar with Ebay, "NWT" stands for New With Tags, not Not White Trash as my husband believed.

** I just scanned these pictures in and didn't take the time to fix up the borders. You get the idea. Precious, if I do say so myself :)