06 April 2007

You don't have to come up with a gimmick to sell me somethin'

Yesterday evening I had a 6:30 session here which meant I needed to have supper on the table by 5:45. Since I was cooking a "30 Minute Meal", I didn't start until 4:45...(Her meals always take me longer than 30 minutes). Everything was going well and smelling good. Bryan even came home early to ensure my night would be a stress-free success.

He also had to bury Zoe's victim. Addison helped him and then talked him into swinging her. Once Libby saw that, she had to be outside. I put a jacket on her and ran out the back door with intentions of quickly passing her off to Daddy before my bacon started to burn.

But, my neighbor caught me. She started telling me some misfortunes and I kept trying to insert, "I have supper cooking and I really need to get back in to it" without any luck.

Then, I heard the beeping. The smoke alarm!

I ran in and expected to see flames shooting up from the skillet from all the smoke filling up my house. I turned the stove off, moved the skillet, opened up doors, turned on fans and checked on Logan who happened to be quite contentedly playing with some toys on the floor. She didn't seem to even notice the screeching sound piercing through our home.

At that point it was really too late to start again, so the pizza delivery guy got a tip we weren't expecting to give and I headed off to my session smelling of burnt food.

And, that, my friends, was just what the chefs were counting on to sell me 6 more entrees!

Don't worry, Bryan. I didn't really buy any more than I'd planned, but I did think on the drive how I would seem to be their perfect customer as soon as they smelled me walk in the door.