07 April 2007

Can you guess what this is?

Here's a hint:

Do you see it?


It's the window tint from my car.

I'm slighty irritated.

You see, I tried to have my car inspected last week...twice. Once at the same place that inspected it last year and once at the Honda dealership (while it was in being serviced). The inspector at the first place told me he wouldn't be able to pass it because the window tint was too dark. We went back and forth as I explained to him that we bought the car brand new with the tint and it was passed last year at his place of business. He wouldn't budge. I dubbed him an over-anxious newbie.

On Wednesday, I took my car in to have it serviced and inspected. Honestly, I was hoping if the first guy was correct then the Honda people would overlook it because of the obscene amount of money they were charging me on preventative maintenance.

My hope failed. And, they charged me all but the sticker price of the inspection.

They helpfully referred us to a tint place that would kindly remove the tint for us. Surely for close to the obscene amount Honda likes to charge.

However, my handy husband got out in the garage with a razor blade today and Ta-Da. He also tried to console me by saying that in a few weeks I wouldn't even remember what it was like with the tint.

I had to remind him that in a few weeks we would not be experiencing the 40-degree weather we are now. I'll have to wear my sun hat and 50 SPF to drive to the grocery store.

While there is so much more I'd like to write on the topic, I should refrain. If you can't say anything nice, blah, blah, blah...

Oh, one last little tidbit...we researched state window tint laws on the internet and found out that not only is every state different in what they allow, some states will/can ticket out-of-state residents for driving in their state with "too-dark" tint. Absurd, I say!