02 February 2007

The Chair

Addi has spent many hours reading books and watching movies while sitting in an adorable little chair that her Nana and Poppa got her for Christmas one year. Libby is now big enough to get herself into the chair and (for the time being) both girls can sit side-by-side in it. So, if we are home and the girls are awake, chances are the chair is being used.

It has been so cold here that we've been bringing Zoe in at night and making her sleep in the garage. It is a challenge every night as our usually so obedient and submissive dog hides out in the yard while we go hoarse calling her name. So, a few nights ago, I was feeling badly for her and decided I would let her sleep in the house for the night - instead of the chilly garage. After all, that "acting out" phase was so long ago. [Backgound: She lived in this house for a year or so after we moved in because we didn't have a fence. She pouted for that entire time because she wanted to go outside all the time and then started "acting out" at night and when we left. So, we had to start putting her in the garage anytime we left or at night to sleep.] I woke up the next morning without finding any chewed up toys or surprise "accidents". "Wonderful", I thought. "Allowing her to sleep in the house at night will surely assuage my guilt and knowing I don't have to worry about her behavior will allow me to sleep."

Then, last night, I walked back downstairs to turn out the lights and found her curled up in the aforementioned chair. Granted, she loves our girls and the chair is probably crawling with their scent, but we would like to keep it that way-bath times are too few and far between for Zoe :) After 5 minutes of coaxing, she crawled out of the chair. After 5 more minutes of getting scratched behind her ears, she followed me to the garage and only slightly hesitated before climbing the steps down to her cold concrete bed.